St Michael’s Hospital Research

Looking for a Web Development Company in Toronto

In August 2015, a Web Design Studio, WE ARE LOOP, contacted us to work on a local project, at the heart of Toronto. Knowing LOOP, we knew this project would be social and help the communities, exactly our credo.

Web design studio LOOP

Who is LOOP?

We’re an energetic and highly creative design studio located in Toronto’s vibrant Regent Park community. Social Good is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that design is the lens by which we can solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.


Working with LOOP was an amazing experience and we encourage everyone who needs an awesome design experience to hire them.


The next generation of St. Michael’s’ Research

Their original website:

Website redesign case study before

The Redesign:

website redesign case study after

The goal of the new Research Website was to allow visitors to search for programs and researchers in a simple and yet enjoyable fashion. Loop’s work was amazing and they built a complete UI Kit that covered the Design aspect, UX and Branding.

Their foundation led us throughout the whole front-end coding and helped us save a lot of time. The new design had this look and feel that made coding highly satisfying.


The Researchers Section

case study of web development

The Researchers profiles and biographies and the search and filters we developed was one of the key components; to be accessible and connect researchers with public. The new website experience allows public visitors to easily find researchers and practitioners in various health areas with an incredibly detailed biography and easy ways to connect with them.

Once Loop cracked the UX, we figured the coding.

First, we created a basic CMS system using WordPress, and customized it, layer after layer, until managing content became as easy as it gets.

At the same time, our front-end developers started creating the section theme, following all the rules of responsive design, site speed, and accessibility.

And then, we started working on the Search System.


The Search System

Search module web development

LOOP designed a highly functional system, and we had to find the best way to code it so the User experience would be as good as it looks.

We created a custom module with Javascript to be able to display search results without reloading the page. Once a filter is clicked, the module generates the new list. It is even possible to combine filters.


It is seamless and fast, optimized for mobile and user-friendly.



WordPress Development and Integration

Beside the Researchers module, we were asked to develop an Event section, smooth animations, and an advanced search. We Worked with Tribe Event Management plugin and integrated with our CMS. Later on, we added an advanced search module to the site.

 This project was a blast! Interesting, challenging, amazing… and it felt so good to be recognized as a competent web development company by both an awesome design studio and one of most iconic hospitals of Toronto.


“We approached Noble Pixels to collaborate on the St. Michael’s Hospital Research project because of their focus on social good and their extensive knowledge of web development. When we briefed them on the project, they approached us with two solutions and recommended a more challenging solution that in the end, would have resulted in a superior product. We worked collaboratively to create a custom, robust, WordPress website that could handle hundreds of research profiles with a custom filter system, as well as over 500 pages of content, custom-built for the St. Michael’s Research website. Their approach is precise and their passion in creating the best is clear. We recommend Noble Pixels to anyone looking for a development firm who’s dedicated, trustworthy, and wants to work with a smart, and engaging team.”

Ryan Felix, Co-founder of WE ARE LOOP.