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Google Analytics Checklist

Google Analytics Checklist For website launch.

Google Analytics has a special place in my heart because it has helped me recognize and fix my mistakes for many years. That’s why I make sure every website we launch is fully ready to collect data. Unfortunately, not that many developers, web agencies, or website owners place Analytics set-up…
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SEO in Simple Terms

SEO Explained in simpler terms.

I always enjoy teaching business owners about SEO. It’s amazing when they get so impressed with their own data, just knowing for what search queries they are being visited and where their visitors are coming from. Doing SEO requires a mix of knowledge of Web and Marketing. In the simplest…
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Website Design Creation Procedure

This is a topic to start writing in series and we will do a brief introduction to name the most important steps toward designing a website. Doing the process over and over for many years, my best products come to life when the stages of design where followed and there…
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Noble Pixels WP Website Developers

WordPress 5.0 is out!

We’re excited to see the new promised updates from WordPress 5.0 and continue developing with this amazing Content Management System and Plugin. Thank you WordPress team for keeping up with your amazing work and allowing the community to grow faster with the ability of rapid development for amazing websites. What’s…
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PHP logo

PHP 5.6 End of Life December 2018

You’ve heard the news about PHP 5.6 Depreciation and you’re wondering if you need to update your website or app PHP version to latest version PHP 7.2. The biggest question is do we need to go forward with this update and how much time we have before anything collapses? The…
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Website Readability Improvements Checklist

I recently spent some time on our website readability. The goal was to find out what makes our content more readable and ultimately the overall delivery of our message through out text and visuals embedded in our website. I started searching and immediately found few impressively quick and simple techniques,…
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Searching for the next best CRM

Starting from just a small team of hands-on staff, we’re now at a point where phone calls and emails from our clients demand our constant attention. This attentiveness is necessary to keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of client communication. The introvert in me tends to shy away from this…
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Google grant for non profit in canada

How to get $10,000 of Google Grants for Non-Profit in Canada

Imagine what you could do with $10,000 USD of in-kind advertising every month from AdWords, an online advertising solution from Google That’s what Google says on their Google Grant for non-profits page. They suggest that you could hire more volunteers, attract more donations and share your cause with the world.…
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Modular CSS: Best practices to improve your coding workflow

If you have been coding the web for a while (like myself) you’ve probably come across the “lovely task” of how to maintain CSS without losing your sanity. Let’s be honest, even with the release of CSS3, the language evolved a lot and now we are capable of doing things that were only…
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SEO: What if the future was Honesty?

In the last 10 years, I’ve heard many stories about the future of SEO. Now it is time to ask ourselves, isn’t it simply, honesty? Some awesome teams like MOZ and Searchengineland try hard not to sacrifice content over sensationalism, and that’s what make them stay around. And somehow, these…
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Search Engine Optimization, Start with Why.

If you have a website, you’ve probably heard about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is in broad terms, the art of making a website rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). If you wonder whether or not your website needs SEO, don’t. Every site needs it. The questions…
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CMS Website Development

Website redesign: Improve your website without losing any traffic

Interestingly enough, many web development companies don’t differentiate website redesign from building a new website from scratch. Well, it is different, and for many business owners and managers, it’s one of the biggest decision they’ll make in years. Should I revamp my website completely since I know it is a bit dated?…
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small business ecommerce

The Limitations of Hosted E-commerce Platforms

Recently I was answering a question about the limitations of hosted e-commerce platforms and though I would share it here as well. Hosted platforms are generally great for two scenarios: 1. Start a new online business 2. Sell niche products (for example on Etsy) For these two cases, Hosted platforms offer a…
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top seo mistakes

The top 10 SEO mistakes web developers make

As a web developer and an SEO specialist at the same time I find myself conflicted many times between both hats. As a web developer I care about clean code and easy ways to create new content, and as an SEO guy, I’m obsessed with the way Google indexes my website,…
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cro services

3 reasons to invest in conversion rate optimization services.

CRO is the most efficient way to transform visitors into customers. It simply makes sure that your potential clients have the best possible experience on your website no matter who they are, and what technology they use. Companies typically spend $92 to bring customers to their site, but only $1…
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ecommerce rules

How to make sure your Online Shop will succeed

Welcome, and thank you for reading this guide on how to start an e-commerce website. How many of us have thought about starting our own online shop? How awesome would it be to work from home every day? How helpful would this e-commerce website be to our local shop? Imagine the…
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