Incremental Progress on Digital Marketing

My experience working in the internet marketing industry tells most projects with perseverance and tweaks to adapt has grown and gained value over the years. Many businesses with short term strategy or less desire to fight the challenges give up and don’t make it to future years.

Incremental Progress is our key terms for following a model in making optimization a priority across various aspects of our businesses and projects. With a day to day advancement, as a result of research, analysis, and improvement, we can learn and customize the future releases of our products, services, and practically anything we do.

With the ability of integrations on internet, we are just left with imagination and learning on easiest way to get good data in front of us. Getting meaningful metrics in our reports is the first step in making informed decision toward ROI.

The limitations on developing success in internet marketing are two parts, knowledge and time. Knowledge comes from learnings in past and with the experience of successes and failure, experts can cut through much of the step by step optimizations.

Expert vs Less Expert Growth (Theoretical)

This graph is theoretical to demonstrate the growth of a DIY approach vs. an expert approach to demonstrate the idea visually. Both hiring experts DYI and approaches would most likely result in growing, in comparison to no progress due to lack of information, resources and basically not doing what needs to be done during the course of time.

We all knew what we have learned and some wish we knew things earlier. Of course with a collaborative consulting from access to multiple experts, we will have more inputs to make decisions that will save time.

The goal for incremental progress model in digital marketing is to keep making small changes to learn, apply and gain make their marketing goals.

How to make incremental progress from our digital marketing efforts?

  1. Working on a mission with a deadline. Each month, have a set of things to accomplish, the goal is to get things done while managing various aspects of a project or more projects at times. Making incremental progress means we touch on our regular priorities without offsetting them to future or procrastination.
  2. Setting up Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. We want to know what is valued to us and be able to measure our progress if it’s progress upward or downward, that’s important! All metrics may not be known when starting a project, with experience and continued analysis more key metrics become evident.
  3. Getting reports easy and often. With the impact of marketing and the cost of time and resources, it’s important to get good data in front of us and the ability to make tweaks to optimize results. Running an Ad campaign may sound profitable, but always misses opportunities or real information on how the campaign has performed.
  4. Get Hands-on. Hiring a full-service marketing service may be very costly and cause SMBs and startups to fall behind from marketing proactively. Most successful business owners we’ve seen have gained the knowledge and understand their online markets by applying and working closely with their teams.
  5. Teamwork. Most of our successful projects are done with a team. Working with a team is not only a luxury of more brains or labour onboard that’s key but the teamwork of two or more people will result in getting one thing done as we move the tasks hands in hand, there’s great power in doing our part of a job with our best ability and focus in comparison to when we have to do it all.

With these 5 hints, gathering a budget and time to work on incremental marketing optimizations will result in a compound growth of businesses.

Incremental Progress on Digital Marketing