Unlocking the IT Potential for Non Profit

Non-Profit Organizations have often the same needs as any organizations: professional designs, functional websites, scalable and flexible CMS with no or limited maintenance and integration with CRMs and other Apps.

By understanding your organization’s processes and requirements we can engineer a lean solution, with zero waste. That’s our expertise, and we use it to help non-profit save resources, so they can spend them on what matters the most.

We offer discounted services. Ask us about it.

Working with Us

We’ve made it easy!

Every step is predicted and streamlined. We have excelled in resourcing the full set of skills and brainpower your Web-based projects need. We act as a team to solve logical, technical or creative marketing challenges.

Our Advantage

We’re optimizing ourselves every day so we don’t grow our overheads, but toward a leaner effective operation.

We provide transparent, on-demand, and flexible hourly rated services for companies with or without internal IT teams. Often we take the excess load of our partner’s IT teams and help them in critical situations.


Donation Platforms

Integrated with all your online and offline processes, issuing donation receipts and online payments, you have it all made for you.

Contact Management

We know CRMs to a great deal and how each can come into integration with other CMSes or proprietary systems.

Google Grant and Discount

We can help your non-profit organization to get Grants and best prices for the tools it needs.


Web Design for Non-profit

With our years of experience, and your vision, we’ll build the perfect website.

Business Application

Most Non-profit have unique processes, often because it’s never been done before. We build custom solutions for them.

Email Marketing

When to send it, how to send it and who to send it to? It’s more than just having a list of contacts and sharing updates. We help you step by step along the way.

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