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Web Design & Development


In partnership with The Best Part Inc., we designed and developed the first version of a digital program based on the mission to support seniors with the digital literacy needed for today’s world. The Cyber-Seniors platform is founded through the successful Cyber-Seniors Documentary.

MusicFest Canada

MusicFest Canada is the biggest educational music festival in North America. Our work started in 2012, developing the public website and scaled to the architecture and development of the…

Track Your Impact

In partnership with Me to We, we developed the Business Application for the Track Your Impact project. This app streamlines the entire production process and connects print, creative, and…

St. Michael’s Hospital Research

Another great partnership with the LOOP Design team, we developed the front-end CMS and delivered the fully customizable CMS for St. Michael’s team to manage their website. The site…

Sunshine Centres for Seniors

Sunshine Centres for Seniors has been working with seniors at risk for isolation since 1970. We were hired by Sunshine Centres to design and develop their new home on…

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