Our best Web Development recruiting advice

Many businesses need expert support to be available to them and many talents are entering the market and wondering where the jobs are?

So really where are the jobs and where are the talents?

To answer this, I studied our cases from the team and our collective experience of the Web Development jobs matchmaking world.

Clients are looking for reliable Talents.

Yes, the answer is that easy and that complicated. Everyone thinks they are reliable and many people are willing to go a few steps beyond to prove that. But how one stands out from the competition depends on their professional and ethical grade as seen in the industry and their attention to details for delivering on this promise.

A Reliable Web Developer Means:

  • They know what they know and what they don’t. Being good at something in this time and especially with technology knowledge requires focus and specializing. Learning all the names of technologies is a good start, but a long way to learning the depth of each and becoming an expert on that matter. They are different learning curves during the learning stages, which by real-life project practice, can be shortened as we apply our learnings along the way.
  • They can estimate reasonably for the work they are planning to deliver. Estimation comes from experience and also organizational skills. People who track their time and efforts proactively are more likely to gain the skill and be able to estimate more accurately. Each project workflow and events can be studied and used to establish a better project plan next time a similar project is approached.
  • Personal Organizational Skills. They are key for high achievers in this field. There are a number of ways for approaching each project and repeatedly we’ve seen most efficient projects are developed when a detailed plan is staged and executed up front. Today’s agile development allows us to build in stacks, modules, and layers of code are written once and used many times. An organized developer knows many recipes of recursive projects and has a good idea on how to approach new challenges.
  • Delivering results: Although estimation isn’t easy and there can always be changes in the scope of projects during the course of development. A good developer should be reasonably accountable for standing by the product they develop considering for best coding practices, the security of the data operations, and code documentation for future developments, along the lines toward finishing the project and delivering the result on time and with the agreed features.
  • Not Forfeiting projects without a replacing solution: This is a lesson to really listen to. There may be times when a person is not able to continue on a project and with proper planning, a replacement can be configured. Especially in the freelancing world, at times the cost of finishing a challenging project may become more than taking on a new job! It’s really important that one takes their jobs seriously and commit to the responsibility they accepted and critical for developing their long term professional image and also to learn how to deal with difficult situations. Good developers always document their work to make sure the next developers can undertake their work, in case they dropped dead the next day, the project will not die or need to start from the beginning!
  • Sense of Humor: It’s true, without it, it might be hard to work with one in a highly mentally engaging work. It’s great when people know how to turn a tough problem-solving the situation to a fun challenge and help others through making a great team vibe.
  • Plays ping-pong or a Music Instrument, or both We know most of our developer friends that are musicians or love their table tennis to zone out. It’s not scientific, but we think it does help! If you’ve tried developing and yet not paying the pong or a musical instrument, please take this one advice! Picking up a musical instrument requires dedication, but giving it a year or two and you will be grateful to your decision for the rest of your life. Ping pong is fun too and helps with problem-solving, especially when two developers take it out to the table and solve it there together (most recommended).
  • Love learning every day. This one is too general. We all love learning as human and our brain is a sucker for new information. It’s important to recognize our talents and find where our curiosity is most driven toward by nature. If that is to get geeky and learn how things work, coding may be a good place for one with infinite problems to solve and have many new things to learn each day.

Where to find good web development jobs?

As a person who has done many years of freelancing, as well as responsible for hiring freelancers and employees, here are my top recommended places to approach web development jobs.

  • Google Job Search: Very quickly, the Google job search is becoming one of the only places we need to search for jobs. With Google using structured data formats, its crawlers go through all web portals and collect the latest jobs. That makes Google amazing for the massive data points it collects and the filters it provides to narrow down your search.
Google Job Search - Web Developer Jobs in Vancouver
Google Job Search – Web Developer Jobs in Vancouver
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the ultimate job searching guide for finding many corporate and agency opening positions. Following people and companies can make the job search much easier.
  • Craigslist and Kijii: It’s true, these listing websites are still very popular for many small gigs and sometimes for companies exploring these portals for the same purpose. Although checking Craigslist and Kijiji on daily basis can be a daunting task. Many gurus in this field set up programs to be notified anytime a new job is posted in their area. The automation can be smart and find one many job with reduced efforts of searching and getting more matches.
  • Freelancing Websites: There are a dozen of websites that are common amongst employers and freelancing staff around the world. With the crowd-sourcing becoming a major method of reduced employment cost, this can be a way of getting jobs but requires specializing and building a strong portfolio and reputation in each job market. Also with different wage ranges in different cities, this competition can become quite hard for people living in expensive cities and expecting higher earnings.

Last but not least, I’ll share my perspective on how to search and find the right talent for your project and team.

An open, happy and collaborative environment, the pong-game, the social days and the freedom of working away from the office has become part of the culture.

How and Where to find reliable Web Developers?

  • Local or Global: That’s a key question to ask before posting a job and perhaps when writing the job description. Whether if the job can be done remotely or is done through in-house team collaborations. Online jobs have a
  • Networks: Spreading out the words through networks help enriching the networking bonds. Especially when we are part of a network that we believe in their mission, there’s a high chance to meet people with similar motives and aspirations. That’s only a place to start and get results, but certainly not to disregard the high chances that are many people outside our network capable and well deserving of the jobs.
  • LinkedIn, as mentioned above, most candidates ready for serious jobs have made their LinkedIn profiles and displayed their projects and portfolio. As an industry standard, LinkedIn is a great place to navigate the search and review the Candidates experience that’s public and relied on by many professionals.
  • Post a Job in your industry job portal. A well-written job post can help to get the attention of the right candidate, that is waiting to hear from its long term employer. The job post is the first act toward building this relationship with a reliable cornerstone. The job post is also often used to remind the team about the job responsibilities that they have accepted to apply and undertake.
  • Schools and Universities Portals. Recent graduates are among the best places to search for recent graduates ready to take on the biggest challenges and help you change the world! The newer generations perspectives for an ideal job is different and need to be considered for attracting highly motivated Candidates. For a work that’s highly depending on brain productivity, an open, happy and collaborative environment, the pong-game, the social days and the freedom of working away from the office has become part of the culture of making happier and productive teams in the digital market.

In the next Web Development Career post, we will review to the development skillsets required for acing today’s development jobs in the market and how to meet these requirements and stand above the competition.