Our Digital Portfolio

Our team has focused in catering Web Development services to nonprofit and enterprise organizations, design agencies and Startups. We continue to participate in projects with social positive impacts and we wish to extend our resources to create partnerships where we help the influencers achieve valuable results.

Application Development Projects

Teach for Canada

We supported Teach for Canada over two years to design, develop and establish the organization's first propietary Business Application, and developing their public facing content management system (CMS) that was done in Collabration with The LOOP Design team. We proudly supported many resource and timeline crunches to cater this significant and impactful project at highest care and taking a part in Teach for Canada's critical mission for facilitating the education in Canadian Northern Territories.

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MusicFest Canada

MusicFest Canada is the biggest educational music festival in North America. Our work started since 2012 for developing the public website and continued to scale to architecting and developing the entire online system for handling MusicFest Canada's operations. MusicFest business application has digitall transformed a veriety of operations and connects multiple vendors and stakeholders to support this major Canadian Festival.

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In partnership with The Best Part Inc., we designed and developed the first version of a digital program based on the mission to support seniors with digital literacy needed for today's world. The Cyber-Seniors platform is founded through the succesful Cyber-Seniors Documentary.

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Track Your Impact

In Partnership with Me to We, we develped the Business Application for the Track Your Impact project. This app streamlins the entire production processes and connects print, creative and digital teams. We worked closely with the internal Development and Creative teams and Me to We, providing them with our team bandwidth to speed up the development and bringing in expertiese in autmation and for delivering a comprehensive business applications.

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Web Development Projects

St. Michaels Hospital Research

Another great partnership with the LOOP Design team, we developed the front-end CMS and delivered the fully customizable CMS for St. Michael's team to manage their website. The site has been in service since 2013 and without any work done by our team, the internal team has managed the content of the site and kept a fresh and fashinable site that is presentable even for 2020.

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Mouvement Unis

We supported the French CMS Development for We Charity. With our French speaking developers onboard and collaboration with the We French team, we delivered a fully translated and multilingual Content Management System.

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Match International

We partnered with The Coloney Team in last two years to develop awareness campaigns for The Match International Women's Fund. Both are amazing teams and we were fortunate to support their mission and providing them with nonprofit discounted rates to cater these project with minimum resources.

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Paula Purdon

We developed a beautifully designed website by Bruce Graham, for the amazing talented Paula Purdon. The site turned out to be one of our finest UX works ever done. Paula's attention to detail and catering a final product has thought us a lot on required quality that's part of the world-class projects she particiaptes in.

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Best Endings

Best Endings is a Information Hub for End of Life decisions, to be made in advance. Kathy Kastner, CEO and author of BestEndings has brought her research and experience together in this comprehensive website.

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Web Design Projects

Sunshine Centres for Seniors

We Came across Sunshine Centres in early 2012, taking a very old first version of 1990’s website to 2010 stages. We had a second opportunity to work with the organization and make the website responsive and up to date in 2015. We worked collaboratively to acquire a Google grant for Sunshine Centres for advertising and it has been a great positive push for promoting this well deserving nonprofit team.

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Supply Rite Steels Inc.

Supply Rite is one of our earliest clients and partners, since start of Noble Pixels in 2011, we worked to develop a few website projects for Supply Rite Steels and we continue to collaborate with the winning team to integrate the industrial marketing channels and drive their business forward together.

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Northern Hearing Care

We worked with the awesome Northern Hearing Executives Dr. Shelley and Doug to revamp their online presence and consolidating two locations separate websites. We developed a custom CMS for our client and helped them organize the content for a easy to navigate web experience.

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Launch Your Career

Launch Your Career is a website created specifically to address the needs of graduating students and first-time job seekers providing you with simple, useable, and actionable information to guide you through your first job search.

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Remember Me Book

REMEMBER ME! is your step-by-step guide from graduation to landing your ‘first’ job. Mark Wicken understands job search, the hiring process and the obstacles every new graduate faces as they move into the business world.

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Carlos Lopes Music

Carlos Lopes is a Toronto-based composer, producer and performer of a wide variety of Canadian and international musical projects for film, television, live performance and albums.

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Inhome Trainer Inc.

Inhome Trainer is one of the leaders in providing personal training services in Canada. They bring personal training to customers in more than 100 cities across the country and work with talented personal trainers. Our work started with a website refresh and we've continued working together since on organic growth strategies.

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Beyond the Basics

Developing Beyond the Basics online hub in partnership with Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights. The portal is designed for educatours as a resource to sexuality and sexual health education.

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Resonance Hearing Clinic

We worked with Dr. Miranda since early days of Resoance Clinic and we've been priviladged to support this succesful business growing in past years. Today RHC's located in 4 locations across the Vancouver Island and serving patients for hearing care and hearing aid needs in the West Coast.

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Our Clients Say

Sunshine Centres for Seniors

"Noble Pixels is a fantastic company. They did an excellent job creating our website and continue to do an excellent job helping us maintain it. In addition to this, they are wonderful to work with. They listen to what we want and make it happen, all while being friendly and communicative."

Jacquie Buncel, Executive Director
Inhome Trainer, In Home Personal training

"Awesome company and highly recommend. Majid And Anthony are masters at SEO and professional web design and service. They have helped our business achieve superior results across Canada and are a pleasure to work with."

Mike Tangreda, CEO, Inhome Trainer.
Remember Me Book & Launch Your Career

"I’ve never really had to worry about things falling through the cracks…They are extremely good at following up."

Mark Wicken. Educator, Executive Recruiter.
St. Michael's Hospital Research

“Their approach is precise and their passion in creating the best is clear. We recommend Noble Pixels to anyone looking for a development firm who’s dedicated, trustworthy, and wants to work with a smart, and engaging team.”

Ryan Felix, Co-founder of WE ARE LOOP.

Throughout time, we have followed our passion and one purpose, to dedicate our expertiese toward making a positive impact and connecting skilled people with amazing world-changing projects.